Designer Spokes: Bianchi by Gucci

Luxurious Prototype


Spring is not far away and it’s time to consider purchasing a new bike for the cross town commute or those leisurely rides at the beach. Whether you are a serious bike enthusiast or only a weekend warrior, the era of the classic Schwinn has been overtakend by the new age of designer bikes. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Fendi, and Missoni have created a line of runway-ready two-wheelers.

Now enters Gucci with its recently announced its collaboration with premier Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi. The “Bianchi by Gucci” is latest designer bicycle to enter this hot market.  


Fashion-inspired bikes are geared toward the style conscious individualist trying to break free of the bike lane and create a lane of their very own. Designer couture bikes provide an opportunity to create dramatic visuals whether whizzing by on the street or locked to a bike rack. As Constance Winters, a bike aficionado and writer for said, the bikes “become moving billboards” for these powerhouse design houses.

This trend in fashion-designed bicycles is profitable for all parties as well. When the Missoni bikes hit Target stores in October 2011, they sold out quickly. At a price point of about $399, these three-speed bicycles with the Missioni iconic zig-zag and striped patterns were a huge success. Ralph Lauren’s Rugby division launched its high-design two-wheel roadster in late 2011. This limited edition men’s two-speed bike priced around $2,200. 

For the Bianchi by Gucci, the brand's Creative Director Frida Giannini designed the bike and coupled it with the superior Bianchi bike technology. There are two options. One features the design house’s signature green-red-green stripe on a white hydro-formed steel single-speed bike with leather grips and saddle. The other is matt-black carbon fiber monocoque model. The black model is fit for urban and off-road biking with its carbon fork and disc brakes. 

Gucci's Creative Director also designed several accessories for the bike. These include gloves, water bottles and even a Bianchi by Gucci bike helmet. Check out these bikes at any Gucci boutique around the world or go online to to see more pictures.  

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