25 Years of Wind Power in Germany

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Germany has been utilizing the power of wind for the past 25 years. By harnessing the power of nature to generate electricity for its citizen, Germany now employs 137,800* in the industry.

2015 has been a record breaking time for the German wind industry. In a July 2015 report, with the addition of 1,706 Megawatts (MW) of capacity from January to July 2015, Germany outranks all other European countries. A large portion of this surge for Germany was the addition of new offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas.**

With a variety of German companies working on advanced wind technologies, building new wind turbines and maintaining current infrastructure, the country is paving the way for global standards, efficiencies and structural compatibility. In addition, Germany through various industry associations has plans to expand wind farms both offshore and onshore in the coming decade.

Current German Wind Statistics

  1. Wind power’s share of Germany’s national electricity output for 2014 was 12.9%.***

  2. There are over 2,100 operating companies involved in wind energy production.

  3. A total of 24,897 wind turbines in the country provide 38,116 MW of power into the German grid.

  4. Offshore energy capacity expanded in 2014 to 529 MW, double the previous year.

  5. In 2014, wind turbines were installed in all 16 federal states within Germany for the first time ever. The state of Schleswig-Holstein is the largest producer of wind energy in the country.


Nasdaq German Wind Index Futures Launch

With Germany as the largest producer of wind power in Europe, Nasdaq recently launched its German Wind Index Futures. The Nasdaq German Wind Index Futures gives wind power producers, utilities, investors and insurers attractive new trading instruments to hedge risks from wind production for long and short-term perspectives. With these new wind power futures, Nasdaq opened up a new category of power production related derivatives, which will, in the future, be expanded to more complex products and extended into other countries and regions.

First Trade in German Wind Index Futures Executed on Nasdaq Commodities 

Nasdaq Commodities recently announced the first trade in the German Wind Index Futures on launch day between EDF Trading Ltd and Energi Danmark A/S. The first trade of 10 lots (1680 WPh) was executed at 34.25 EUR in the contract RWDEBLW52-15.

Thomas Houlind, Head of Trading Continental Power at Energi Danmark, commented: “With the German Wind Index Futures contracts, Nasdaq Commodities is breaking new ground within renewable contracts. We are very excited to be supporting this new offering from Nasdaq Commodities.”

Knut Rabbe, Head of Sales Commodities Europe at Nasdaq, said: “We are very pleased to see the first trade executed on launch day and greatly appreciate having major players like EDF Trading and Energi Danmark onboard from day one. Now we are looking forward to their continued commitment to this cutting-edge offering.”

Nasdaq Commodities launched the German Wind Index Futures contracts on December 8, 2015. The contracts use the Renewable Wind Index for Germany, NAREX-WIDE, as underlying. For more information, visit www.nasdaqomx.com/commodities


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